Duck’s Adventure

I chose the odd group of an aluminum duck on a tricycle, a turnip, and a pomegranate as subjects. This group staged with strong lighting reminds me of stories I’ve read about friends who set off on exciting adventures. I’ve found myself wondering if duck and friends will survive. Perhaps they’ll save a damsel in distress, take a ring to the place it belongs, or meet some terrible wayfarers on their travels.

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4 Responses to Duck’s Adventure

  1. pikpik says:

    It looks very illustrative and fun. It’s as if Sir Duck of the Tricycle is leading an expedition to behind the pantry along with the likes of Jousting Turnip and King Pomegranate.

  2. Debbie says:

    This is fantastic Robyn!! Love the strong lighting and stirrings of story that come to mind when viewing your painting. My grade one students would be fascinated with this painting–I can just see their eyes lit up now! Congrats!

  3. Rachel says:

    Wonderful painting, you’ve done it again!! I love your use of color and combination of interesting items to create a spectacular and whimsical still-life. Good job!

  4. wayne says:

    interesting still life to say the least. came by way of Twitter… thanks for the follow