My painting “My Mother’s Pitcher,” sold in Stratford upon Avon, England.

@twiterartexhibit #TAE17 Informed me today that my painting of “My Mother’s Pitcher” was sold at the Stratford upon Avon ArtsHouse. This painting is of a pitcher my mother created during her art school days. I love the pitcher’s form. Mom was a wonderful designer, painter, sculpter, and jewelry maker. Because of her passion for art, I grew up in the art world of New Mexico.

In elementary school, during the last class I would watch the clock slowly tick, until the final bell would ring. I’d bolt out of the classroom and run home. I knew that the delicious fragrance an oil painter creates with their tools would greet me. At last, I could see the progress my mother had made on her painting. I was always amazed. With color, shape, lighting, and design, she made progress in beautiful ways only someone skilled in art could imagine. As I watched her progress, I grew to understand why oil painting can take a long time. I worked for months on this painting. It grew in depth of color and maturity, sometimes just a few small strokes at a time.

I’m glad it found a home, most likely in England, because that is where it was sold. This artistic effort has an international reach with artists from many countries contributing their art. I’m also happy that it’s sale helps Molly Olly’s Wishes, a charity for children with terminal or life threatening illnesses. It is a pleasure to share the love I have for my mother because of her love for me, with children, and their families who need help. David Sandum has done the world a brilliant favor by creating this lovely event for artists to step up and help those in need. “Through art we can change the world.” – #twitterartexhibit, @twitterartexhibit, @DavidSandum,

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Invited Speaker at The Lutheran Church of St. Andrew

I am an invited speaker on October 19, for “Common Ground” at The Lutheran Church of St. Andrew.

Topic: Holy Images: Art & Christianity

St. Andrew is located at 153000 New Hampshire Avenue, Silver Spring, MD 20905.

For information, and registration, please contact: 301-384-4394 or “Common Ground” holds a 6 pm dinner, 6:30 pm praise and prayer, and group time 6:40-7:40 pm, which is when I will be talking in Room L115, with a closing at 7:45 pm.


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Invitational Juried Exhibit

I have been invited to exhibit in the “Blossoms of Hope,” 7th Annual Howard County Juried Theme Show. This show will raise awareness and funds for The Claudia Mayer/Tina Broccolino Cancer Resource Center of Howard County Hospital (CMTBCRC). Proceeds from the gallery show fees and sales will go to Blossoms of Hope in honor of the CMTBCRC.

The gala reception and awards ceremony will be held on Friday, April 8th, 6-8 pm.

The theme is “Blossoms of Hope:Moving Forward.” The exhibit will be open from April 7 – May 1.

I will be exhibiting my oil painting, “Finding Hope.”

For more information, please call 443-538-0858 or email

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Good King Wenceslas

While I was listening to Bing Crosby croon, “Good King Wenceslas,” the news was full of worrisome confusion about how to handle refugees fleeing from barbaric war conditions. Bing sang about a good king and his page, who walked through deep snow in a winter storm to care for a poor man. In this Christmas carol written in 1853, the good king was modeled on the life of the historical Saint Wenceslaus I, Duke of Bohemia (907-935).

This song of one man who decided to care for one other, cut through the morass of modern media’s detailing of difficulties that had weighed me down. ┬áThe king delt with danger, discomfort, and a helper who needed help, yet the end result was blessing. The song describes the age-old idea of one person caring, and figuring out a way to help one other. ┬áThe song is remarkable because that one passionate person was a king, who could have easily ignored a peasant’s need, yet he went himself, not waiting even for morning. This carol’s king ultimately reminds me of the King of all kings, who himself came to help us all.

My oil painting of “Good King Wenceslas” is reproduced on my Christmas card this year. You can find it in my aspenshimmers web site store.

Merry Christmas!

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Oil Painters of America Showcase Painting Competition

I’ve entered “Bosc I” in the Oil Painters of America Showcase Painting Competition. The garden work had to wait until after I painted this delightful pear.

86860lBosc I

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Monsoon Mesa

“Monsoon Mesa” is an 18″ x 12″ oil painting of a New Mexico monsoon. I used to walk alone across a mesa to get home from school. At times I had to walk through dark afternoon monsoon rains. The sudden change from hot dry desert to severe rain storm was dramatic. It demanded desert smarts, courage and strength to keep walking in the right direction. I had to avoid arrroyos, and watch out for lightening. After the storm the beautiful desert land would bloom with green and little flowers after the rain.

This painting is no longer available.

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Today if you are mired in complexity, gloom, or loss, imagination may be able to give you a lift, and possibly help solve a problem. Here is a convincing sweet short film called LILA.

YouTube Preview Image


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Oil Painters of America Fall 2013 Online Showcase

I’m grateful to be a member of Oil Painters of America, and so very happy to have oil painting as a part of my life. I’ve just entered a pear in the OPA online showcase. This pear kept me from my intended job of pruning a prickly Pyracantha. I was gathering my tools to prune when I saw the tremendous beauty of the pear. I had to stop to paint it. What an amazing creation pears are. This Bosc was full of the ever-present symphony of beauty that overwhelms me and calls me to paint.

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Pigment Passion

One part of Vasari Classic Artists’ Oil Colors’ mission is to make the best oil paint possible. Handcrafted. And yes, expensive. Skeptic me decided to stop reading about it and try some.

Oh dear. I confess that beautifully pigmented oil paint makes me want to smear it thickly on the floor and roll in it. This I wanted to devour, to become one with, oh the beauty!

Then I heard my logical brain’s helium-voiced warning reminding me of the cost and humiliation of beastly behavior. No rolling allowed. No devouring. No becoming one with. Beauty is to be approached thoughtfully.

At last I am able to look, envision, design, and sketch. Pigment perfection will drape well on a worthy skeleton. The process itself is a delight! Then at last, the paint. Oh, I shall paint!

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“Canyons” Exhibiting at the 2013 Laurel Art Guild Juried Show

I’m happy to report that my new oil painting, “Canyons,” was juried into the 2013 Laurel Art Guild Exhibit showing at Montpelier Arts Center, in Laurel, Maryland. I’m very grateful to my family and friends for helping me to enter and show in this exhibit, as I’ve been in the hospital. I’ve heard it is a beautiful show. Please let me know if you’ve been able to see it. I’d love to hear what you think of the show. It is open until March 31.


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