My painting “My Mother’s Pitcher,” sold in Stratford upon Avon, England.

@twiterartexhibit #TAE17 Informed me today that my painting of “My Mother’s Pitcher” was sold at the Stratford upon Avon ArtsHouse. This painting is of a pitcher my mother created during her art school days. I love the pitcher’s form. Mom was a wonderful designer, painter, sculpter, and jewelry maker. Because of her passion for art, I grew up in the art world of New Mexico.

In elementary school, during the last class I would watch the clock slowly tick, until the final bell would ring. I’d bolt out of the classroom and run home. I knew that the delicious fragrance an oil painter creates with their tools would greet me. At last, I could see the progress my mother had made on her painting. I was always amazed. With color, shape, lighting, and design, she made progress in beautiful ways only someone skilled in art could imagine. As I watched her progress, I grew to understand why oil painting can take a long time. I worked for months on this painting. It grew in depth of color and maturity, sometimes just a few small strokes at a time.

I’m glad it found a home, most likely in England, because that is where it was sold. This artistic effort has an international reach with artists from many countries contributing their art. I’m also happy that it’s sale helps Molly Olly’s Wishes, a charity for children with terminal or life threatening illnesses. It is a pleasure to share the love I have for my mother because of her love for me, with children, and their families who need help. David Sandum has done the world a brilliant favor by creating this lovely event for artists to step up and help those in need. “Through art we can change the world.” – #twitterartexhibit, @twitterartexhibit, @DavidSandum,

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