“Family” Sold at the Opening in Norway!

Good news came today from Norway via @DavidSandumArt:

“@Sptzllama Your wonderful painting/card sold at the opening of the #twitterartexhibit Thanks for sharing your talent for a good cause! :)”

I am delighted and grateful. David’s brilliant work to raise support for worthy causes with his #TwitterArtExhibits creates joy around the world. As I carried my painting to the Post Office, I thought of my little painted world traveler, and wondered about the different hands that would carry it. I hoped it would be treated well. After I had said good bye to my painting, I posted the following comments on David’s blog to let him know it had begun its journey to his capable hands.

“My painting for the #twitterartexhibit is on its way. It’s also on my blog:¬†http://aspenshimmers.com/blog/2012/02/20/family/¬†Considering the shelter in Moss brought to mind how uncomfortable a family can feel sometimes, so I painted a fruit family made of some very different individuals. I am glad we are working together as artists to help bring hope and healing. Bravo David, for putting this exhibit together!”

Robyn Church Hatton, @Sptzllama

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