“I Felt Like a Dork in School Today”


My congratulations to the new owner of my large whimsical oil painting, “I Felt Like a Dork in School Today.”

Painting the 22″ x 28″ oil on canvas was a joy as I imagined the stories and personalities of the many different kinds of fish. Hidden among the multitude is the one who gave the painting its title. The awkward fellow has many of the issues youth deal with. He wears glasses, has spots on his face, and has braces on his fishy teeth. I know fish don’t usually have teeth, but I wanted my empathy for young orthodontic wearers to be obvious. I still remember the embarrassment of being required to wear a headband attached to my orthodontic braces.

Almost everyone has something they struggle with. People often don’t notice the “horrible” thing that is making us cringe about ourselves, but when they do, it may bring them comfort as they realize that they are not alone in their effort to get through life with their own oddity.

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