I’ve donated two works in oil to #twitterartexhibit 2013. Hundreds of original post card sized works by international artists were donated to benefit Art Division.Org, a non-profit in Los Angeles that works with underserved young adults who are passionate about creating visual art. You can learn more about this organization at http://artdivision.org/.

The exhibit is being shown until February 10th, 2013, at Exhale Unlimited Gallery. http://www.exhaleunlimited.com/

To learn more about the exhibit follow on twitter at @twitrartexhibit, or find the exhibit by entering #twitterartexhibit while you are on Twitter, or visit their web. site at http://twitterartexhibit.org/.

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Hurricane Flowers

The wonder of beauty remaining after Hurricane Sandy lead me to create a new post on Facebook.

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American Art Collector Magazine

I’m pleased to announce that a full page and an artist focus on my art work are in this September’s issue of American Art Collector Magazine’s Landscape Special Feature.


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Elementary Plein Air Instruction

When I was young, kids my age from a nearby Pueblo showed up at my school.  I noticed that they didn’t come every day, so I spent a lot of time looking out the window hoping they would show up on their bright yellow bus. Some days they would, and I’d excitedly point, and yell, “They are here, they are here!” We’d be doing math or some other routine thing, so I was told to wait until recess to find my friend who rode the bus.  As soon as the door opened for recess, I’d run to find him and to ask to see his art. He usually had at least one rolled up piece of paper in his hand.

I often became immobile and silent when he unrolled his paper, because the art was beyond anything I had imagined. His work woke me to the possibilities of sunrises over purple mesas set far in the distance with orange and red-streaked clouds feathering over black and Prussian blue in a sky stuffed with multi-colored, carefully shaded, light-blue and white, puffy New Mexican rain clouds.  He did crayon layering like I’d never seen. His horses were horses, unlike my elementary rectangular pig-like horses with long snouts and spindly legs. There were lights and darks, shading, and perspective, but mostly he took my breath away with his use of color. His beautiful color was alive with nature’s spirit.

I miss those days. I still have my First Grade drawing of “Dick and Jane’s Visit to Grandfather’s Farm,” framed by my delighted mother, praised by my teacher, and now hung on my wall. It is mundane compared to those works of my friend. I asked him how he knew how to draw so well. He said he “just looked.” When he told me his secret, I was speechless and breathless all over again. I realized that in all my six long years of life, I had not yet learned to look.

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“I Felt Like a Dork in School Today”


My congratulations to the new owner of my large whimsical oil painting, “I Felt Like a Dork in School Today.”

Painting the 22″ x 28″ oil on canvas was a joy as I imagined the stories and personalities of the many different kinds of fish. Hidden among the multitude is the one who gave the painting its title. The awkward fellow has many of the issues youth deal with. He wears glasses, has spots on his face, and has braces on his fishy teeth. I know fish don’t usually have teeth, but I wanted my empathy for young orthodontic wearers to be obvious. I still remember the embarrassment of being required to wear a headband attached to my orthodontic braces.

Almost everyone has something they struggle with. People often don’t notice the “horrible” thing that is making us cringe about ourselves, but when they do, it may bring them comfort as they realize that they are not alone in their effort to get through life with their own oddity.

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“Family” Sold at the Opening in Norway!

Good news came today from Norway via @DavidSandumArt:

“@Sptzllama Your wonderful painting/card sold at the opening of the #twitterartexhibit Thanks for sharing your talent for a good cause! :)”

I am delighted and grateful. David’s brilliant work to raise support for worthy causes with his #TwitterArtExhibits creates joy around the world. As I carried my painting to the Post Office, I thought of my little painted world traveler, and wondered about the different hands that would carry it. I hoped it would be treated well. After I had said good bye to my painting, I posted the following comments on David’s blog to let him know it had begun its journey to his capable hands.

“My painting for the #twitterartexhibit is on its way. It’s also on my blog: http://aspenshimmers.com/blog/2012/02/20/family/ Considering the shelter in Moss brought to mind how uncomfortable a family can feel sometimes, so I painted a fruit family made of some very different individuals. I am glad we are working together as artists to help bring hope and healing. Bravo David, for putting this exhibit together!”

Robyn Church Hatton, @Sptzllama

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Oil Painters of America

I am happy to see that the Oil Painters of America have started a blog. I hope you enjoy their first post on the topic of style versus technique.

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Post Party Colored Pencil

My first Audioboo. I hope you enjoy!

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Duck’s Adventure

I painted this retro-duck model with a black background initially, and it looked stunning. Stunning wasn’t enough. Every time I looked at it I loved the smooth technicality of the painting, but my imaginative inner voice kept asking what the duck was looking at, and where he was going.

I had been studying the paintings and method of Odd Nerdrum during that time, so it wasn’t long before the duck found himself and his environs sanded, scraped and repainted with layer upon layer over many months. This was a slowly evolving painting as each layer added depth and color to what had been a beautiful silky black with a lovely depth of color of its own.

Do I like it this way more? Yes, because I adore the complex and mysterious creatures and the depth of their swimming area. I get excited every time I look at them, and want to dive in and paint more. No, because I miss the stunning black.

The solution, as always, is to paint more. I’m very happy that I went on this painting adventure. I always try to push myself beyond what I know, as I enjoy the adventure of discovery.  With that, I leave you to wondering about why the pomegranate and turnip are with the duck. I’d love to know what you think.

This painting was juried into the 43rd Annual Open Juried Exhibition of the Laurel Art Guild. The exhibit opens to the public on March 4, at Montpelier Arts Center, in Laurel, Maryland. The reception and awards ceremony will be from 2-4 PM.

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I’ve donated a painting to the #twitterartexhibit. This exhibit was created to help women and children in The Women’s Crisis Center in Moss, Norway. I’m glad to have this opportunity to help David Sandum in his effort to encourage and aid this charity.

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