Pigment Passion

One part of Vasari Classic Artists’ Oil Colors’ mission is to make the best oil paint possible. Handcrafted. And yes, expensive. Skeptic me decided to stop reading about it and try some.

Oh dear. I confess that beautifully pigmented oil paint makes me want to smear it thickly on the floor and roll in it. This I wanted to devour, to become one with, oh the beauty!

Then I heard my logical brain’s helium-voiced warning reminding me of the cost and humiliation of beastly behavior. No rolling allowed. No devouring. No becoming one with. Beauty is to be approached thoughtfully.

At last I am able to look, envision, design, and sketch. Pigment perfection will drape well on a worthy skeleton. The process itself is a delight! Then at last, the paint. Oh, I shall paint!

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