A Special Thing

There were a lot of us there, all excited and proud. The music and the graduates with flags and banners filled the Meyerhoff Symphony Hall. Watching my daughter graduate from MICA was a grand heart-warming, punch of a good time. I’m particularly thrilled because art is continuing through the generations. I followed my mom, a Parsons trained artist,  when I was a child, to see what she and her Taos Art Colony friends were working on. Art was life. Mine was rich in talented people to learn from. Then I had a daughter who loved living art with me. What a gift! To go from learning from living with an artist mother, to having the thrill of daily passing on bits of knowledge about art that can only be learned through interaction in the studio and in the field, has been wonderfully fulfilling. It’s a special thing to see a heritage pass on. I’m glad to know that this thing that possesses us through the generations is in good hands.

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