Shadows on the Wall



Shadows on the wall should be easy to capture with graphite on paper, yes? Look for :

Light shadow

Middle shadow

Dark shadow

Value shifts

Learning to observe and depict value is like learning a new language. There is a lot to think about. Immerse yourself in this new language. Observe endlessly, patiently, fiercely. Squint, use mirrors, stand and stare. I came across an artist standing in the middle of the parking lot taking pictures of clouds yesterday. He stood there, leaning on a cane with one hand, holding his camera up to the heavens with the other. He ignored the cars weaving around him as he fiercely stood his ground in just the right spot to capture the image he wanted. Safety is important, so I’d suggest moving out of the middle of traffic flow, but remembering his tenacity motivates me to keep working hard to achieve what I want with my work.

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